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October 2 2003
"Chief Bill W. Creates A Superb Traditional Ceremonial Weapon
To Give You An Idea Of Size, Those Shark Tiger Teeth
Were From A HUGE 14 Foot Shark !"

(Shark Tooth Weapons)
"Literally meaning "A shark’s lei," these Hawaiian weapons were particularly
effective and devastating. They were fashioned in many shapes and sizes. Some
lei-o-manö were designed for use as daggers, some were more club-like and
others were strictly designed for cutting and slashing. Lei-o-manö were made
utilizing one to many shark’s teeth. The teeth are extracted from a shark's jaw
and are usually attached to wood, but could be affixed to bone (human or animal),
cordage,  turtle shell or other materials. The teeth were secured by lacing, pegging
or sewing. The lei-o-manö, combined with other weapons such as the pähoa a’ukï
(marlin dagger), provided its owner with additional stabbing and slashing features.
Other lei-o-manö were designed to provide the same features but were made
entirely of wood. This  weapon was said to be a favorite of the chiefs. The cutting
and  tearing effects of the very sharp teeth of the shark, made the lei-o-manö a
very formidable close combat weapon. An old Hawaiian saying makes reference to
a particularly powerful warrior as, "He niuhi ‘ai holopapa o ka moku."
Translated, this means ...

"The fierce niuhi shark that devours all on the island."

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