Shark-Jason Takes A Dive!

My-Main-Man Takes A "Relaxing" Week Off And Goes Into Alligator-Infested-Waters To Pursue His Quarry
(No, He's Not Steve Irwin The Second)

... His Quarry Being Monster Fossil Megaladon Shark Teeth!
Here's His Story:

"The water in the river was pitch black, I mean black !! Even with a
    very good flashlight with 100 watt bulbs and sitting on the bottom ... You
    still couldn't see the bottom. It was all done by feel.  And can you
    believe I had my first "out of air experience" in this muck !!  I was
    doing my third dive on the first day, put on a new fresh tank a new
    battery in the flash light, turned everything on and jumped in. In
    this river the current is very strong so when you hit the water you
    head straight for the bottom.On the way to the bottom my light went
    out, I pulled on the wire, tapped on the battery pack but nothing ... And
    I'm still sinking to 35 feet. When I hit the bottom I still couldn't
    get the light to turn on and it is blacker than midnight with no
    moon. So I figure what the heck,  I'll  just feel around,  the light doesn't
do anything but give off a comforting glow anyhow. So I start feeling
    around in the sandy bottom ... A the light turns on by itself, I said
    Cool !! No sooner than the light turns on ... My next breath from the
    regulator there wasn't much air there, I try looking at my computer by
    putting it within an inch of my mask with the light on it and see
    nothing but lines where their should be air pressure. I said DAMN !!!
      I gotta say I was a bit nervous being the third dive of the day and
    then having to make a emergency assent I was really praying I wouldn't
    get bent.   But I did very well I knew exactily what to do and didn't
    panic and luckily about half way up I was able to get just a little
    bit more from the tank and made it to the surface.  You never know how
   You will react to a emergency till it happens and I was very happy
    with myself that I did just what I was supposed to do.  And it was
    actually a scary but fun experience !!
   It turned out a seal on my dive tank had leaked and all but a little
   air had escaped. A few tense moments indeed!
So I got some Fabulous Meg teeth, indian arrowheads and
really old like 1800"s bottles ... And just had a Great Time !!!"

Here's The Booty:

WOW! This IS One, Nice Meg, BB!

It Was Worth Every Scary Moment, huh?

Feast Your Eyes On Perhaps One Of The Best
Megoladon Shark Tooth Collections In The Universe:

Thanks for sharing Your Story with Us, Jason ... I'm sure lot's
of Collectors would love to experience such a safari!
Cheers :)

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