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Erich K. Ritter, Ph.D.

Shark Behaviorist, Avid Conservationist
& Founder Of ...

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Dr. Ritter's main focus is the interaction between sharks and humans, with special
emphasis on the recreation of shark accident scenarios. He is one of the first scientists
in this field concentrating on an applied approach directly with and among the sharks
in the wild. The interaction concept ADORE-SANE is a direct result of his interaction
experiments and tests. Erich functions as a case investigator of the Shark Research
Institute's GSAF(Global Shark Attack File), and the founder of SAVN
(Shark Accident Victim Network), a helping hand for shark victims. He studied zoology
at the University of Zurich, with a doctorate in the field of behavioral ecology. He did
his post-doc at the University of Miami's Rosenschiel School. He taught field courses for
students, naturalists and divers in the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, the Maldives,
Egypt, South Africa and Hawaii. He conducts his field research primarily in South Africa
and the Bahamas at the "Shark Education & Research Center,"
where the Northern Abacos are his prime area for the last 12 years. Dr. Ritter has given
lectures worldwide and was guest on many different TV shows.

Erich Ritter: "... there is no such thing as dangerous sharks, only dangerous
situations. This fact must be made public... for the sake of the animals and
our children... once mankind can get rid of its fear from sharks, then sharks
can be protected... the over fishing and slaughtering of sharks is one of the
biggest ecological time bombs of our time and the consequences will have
a devastating effect - not just for nature but mankind as well... the conscious
interaction with sharks is an important tool for their better understanding."

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